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Master hard conversations, so you can get the best out of yourself and others. No bull, no jargon, no toxicity. Just researched backed skills.


Latin: dīscō from /*dikskō/, meaning “I learn“

“As a founder I don't have time to sift through the endless opinions out there. This cuts through the noise and has given me confidence to handle whatever's thrown at me.”

Jane Blackwell
CEO of Lidari

“Being an engineer, I didn't think management training was important for me. But since learning how to properly sell ideas and give clear feedback, I get heard so am able to focus more on being 10x.”

Jose Rodriguez
Staff Engineer

Get more done by understanding humans

Whether you're an individual contributor or a manager who's getting a bit long-in-the-tooth, we all need to work with other people to get stuff done. So we've built bite-sized guides which focus on action, laying out clearly how to work with all the weird emotional unconcious parts of us humans.

Forget research f.o.m.o.

There are hundreds of business books published every year, all with clashing advice. We've combed the best frameworks from famous authors to unknown researchers, then applied them directly into the real world. So you can get straight and clear on how to act when.

How to negotiate a pay rise
· Never split the difference by Chris Voss
· Getting to yes by William Ury
· Secrets of Power Negotiating by Roger Dawson
· Better, Not perfect by Max H. Bazerman
· Bargaining with the devil by Robert Mnookin

Hone your unique style
with interactive case studies

Theory is nothing without practice. That's why we've created specific hard conversations for you to role-play. Firstly making those learnings stick, but also so you can get a solid sense for what feels right for you.

Challenge authority helpfully
  • Ron (your boss)

    Ok, let's make this quick, I've gone through the backlog and set the priorities. I assume everyone is happy, so let's move on.

  • Alice (you)

    Umm, actually I was really hoping we'd be able to rebuild the queuing system. I've been mentioning it for weeks now.

  • Ron (your boss)

    We don't have time for that ahead of code freeze, rebuilding just isn't a priority.

  • Brené (coach)

    That's a good try but you're the expert here and deserve to be heard. Starting again, how would you have said this to a friend rather than your boss?

  • Alice (you)

    Yes these improvements are important but we really need to sort the queuing system. If we don't, we'll definitely go down during the traffic spike next week.

  • Brené (coach)

    That was much clearer and assertive. Now let's make it even better. Right now, we're trying to get Ron to buy into this refactor. Which means whether we like it or not, we need to sell the idea to him. So what does he care about? How could you phrase this in terms of what he stands to gain (e.g. money), avoiding what he's losing (e.g. time)?

  • Alice (you)

    This list is great as they'll make a big difference to topline in the long-run. However, the queuing system is struggling and will go down if the traffic levels go any higher. And this is really bad, because the losses from that kind of downtime would dawf the gains from these features.

  • Brené (coach)

    Brilliant. We're really getting there. So finish off, how would you add a plan where you both get want you want? This will demonstrate yourself as a leader and make it clear you're both trying to get the best outcome.

... So why don't we focus on the refactor this week to make sure we survive the spike, then
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Be guided by best practice

From crafting a bad news update to investors, to brainstorming meaningful Key Results - there exists hard earned best practice. Not only that, these tasks can be time consuming, high stakes and emotionally draining. So let a highly tuned AI partner hold your hand through the process to find an answer that's right for you.

Trusted by the best teams

With an organisational account you can create your own custom content and exercises to reflect your unique culture and world views. Onboarding isn't about ticking boxes, it's about enabling your future leaders to work within your culture. That's why top companies, universities and incubators use our platform to make sure everybody thrives.

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Empowering trusted coaches

We're all about people and the human connection, so we have no interest in replacing coaches. Instead we aim to supercharge your sessions. By inviting clients to a team account you can host your own unique content and exercises, enabling your personal process.

“Disco is perfect. I give memberships to all my clients. I direct them to specific bits of foundational theory which they learn in their own time. Making our sessions way higher impact, as we can focus on strategic stuff and them as a person.”

Brenna Goyette
Executive coach

Boost your confidence today.

Learn how to get the best out your yourself and others. Start using Disco today to get jargon free and fun guides to what you wished you'd learnt long ago.