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Learn how to get the best out of yourself and others

We help you build confidence as a leader, by finding a style that's unique to you. We teach practical skills to create high performance teams, using empathy and respect; leaving bull and toxicity at the door.


Latin: dīscō from /*dikskō/, meaning “I learn“

Cut through the noise

Leadership and soft skills aren't only hard to master; they're hard to agree on. The industry is full of jargon and fluff. Without smart guidance, it's no wonder most poor managers resort to managing like hard-asses. And worse, it's no wonder why 'having a bad manager' is the number one reason people quit.

But don't worry, we've got you covered. We've distilled the latest research and practical advice into clear methods so you can lead smarter, not harder.

... using proven skills

Outcome focused.
Your goal isn't Marketing, it's to aquire new customers. We don't teach abitrary concepts, we focus on practical outcomes like "negoitating a raise".
Create clarity.
Every author loves their thinks their mind baby is the most beautiful. However, we push past the publicity, to make sense of when each method shines.
We've stripped out the business jargon and HR fluff, to make the experience as enjoyable as the New Yorker.

“Finally some advice which makes sense! There's just far too many opinions out there, I don't have time to sift through it all to work out what's right for me. This gets straight to it, so I can get to being productive.”

Jane Blackwell
CEO of Lidari

“Everything I've learnt about management has been on the job. I've made plenty of mistakes which have affected real people. Being able to test my gaps and practice in a sandbox feels so empowering.”

Jose Rodriguez
CTO of Refactor

Hone your unique voice

We've tuned hundreds of AI partners / guinea pigs for you to practice these frameworks and methods on.
Allowing you can get confident developing a style that works for you, before trying your new skills out in the wild.

Make it your own

Communication tools like "radical candor" often feel weird to do. They're made worse since doing them well relies on being confident and sounding natural. By practicing with a partner, we help you internalise these frameworks, so you can deliver them your way.

Prepare for big conversations

Some conversations are too important to wing it. Here, you can try out with a virtual partner not only how a message might land, but also what questions might get asked. Allowing you to feel confident you're not left exposed.

Get tactical advice

This library of partners can also help you answer questions and use frameworks which might be great in principle, but extremely hard to put into practice. Such as crafting OKRs into something that's meaningful.

For everyone,
not just managers

No-one is a cog in the machine, no-man is an island. Yet management training is often locked away for managers only. We want to change that. Being good with people makes everyone happier and more confident.

Whether you're a manager or individual contributor, having a solid foundation of soft and leadership skills enable you to focus more time on what you love doing best. While helping you build stronger, more nourishing relationships.

Product managers
Listening to users, pitching execs, motivating developers: product needs to do it all. But don't worry we've got you covered.
Learn the human API, the same way you learn to code. Using sandboxed, interactive guides, autodicadically.
Sales executives
Hone your toolkit, learn influence tactics, practice your pitch before you make it. Make sure you stay ahead of your competition.
Customer services
Learn how to create for empathy and do effective conflict resolution, without taking that stress home and burning out.
Keep your growth curve steep, to ensure the company follows. Have everything you need in one place. Fast, focused, challenging.
Throw yourself in at the deep end, learn practically, with clear outcome driven and real world guides.

Trusted by the best teams

Onboarding isn't about ticking boxes, it's about nurturing culture and your future leaders. So companies, universities and incubators use our platform to make sure everybody thrives by really embedding their culture. Since with a company account you create your own content and exercises, to express your unique culture.

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Empowering trusted coaches

“Disco is perfect. I give memberships to all my clients. I direct them to specific bits of foundational theory which they learn in their own time. Making our sessions way higher impact, as we can focus on strategic stuff and them as a person.”

Brenna Goyette
Executive coach

Coaching is a vital cornerstone to any individuals personal development. We don't replace you as a coach, we allow you to focus on deepening and strengthen relationships. Enabling you to focus on what really makes you special.

  • Increase leverage. Outsource teaching standard frameworks, so you can tie the big picture together with your clients unique needs.
  • Create your own content. Express your unique perspectives and insights, in the context of a curated, yet well-crafted library.
  • Develop custom chat exercises. Allowing your clients to actually embed your unique insights into habit, alongside your live sessions.

Boost your confidence today.

Learn how to get the best out your yourself and others. Start using Disco today to get jargon free and fun guides to what you wished you'd learnt long ago.